What are the causes behind bullying?

Juan Pablo Perret

June 15, 2022

Schools once claimed that the biggest problem they faced was students dropping out of school; today, their biggest concern is bullying. Bullying has always existed, but the sensitivity generated by the issue today has changed, which is why schools must fight against this type of violence.

Bullying is never acceptable, but understanding and investigating why one person bullies another can help put the situation in perspective.

What Drives bullying?

Bullying is linked to complicated family and social environments with a history of violence or justification. Exposure to these environments develops psychological and personality problems in the aggressors. And as an outcome, causing them to put into practice in their daily lives an abuse that was common within their circle.

Also, the little emphasis given to the conflict within schools affects the development of bullying cases. If children are not taught the importance of reporting these facts from an early age, they become passive witnesses, normalize the situation, and the problem remains unsolved.

Another possible cause is the lack of social skills. Some children or teenagers have difficulties bonding with other children because they lack the skills to make friends. As they fail to establish themselves within a group and have a cordial relationship, they adopt aggressive patterns with the weaker ones, seeking acceptance from them as a group.

Thus, some people do not suffer any of the abovementioned problems, not everyone has the same reality, and a gap is generated. Hence the importance of talking about these issues at home and in schools.

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